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DC GYRE Wave Maker Pump 25W

DC GYRE Wave Maker Pump 25W

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Download DC GYRE Wave Maker Pump 25W User Manual

The crossflow wave maker pump is designed for aquariums, creating a realistic simulation of ocean waves and currents by generating horizontal water flow. It enhances water circulation and oxygen exchange, providing an optimal aquatic environment for fish and aquatic plants.

Additionally, the crossflow wave maker pump adds a visually appealing dynamic to the aquarium, offering a more natural and active swimming environment for the fish.


  • The wave maker includes 4 modes: adjustable mode, nutrient delivery mode, random wave-making mode, and pulse wave-making mode which can meet different needs.
  • 360° rotating, up and down to adjust the flow direction.
  • Use low-voltage DC brushless control technology, safe and reliable, quiet operation.
  • High performance, powerful water flow, and low energy consumption.
  • Easy installation and maintenance. Fixed with magnetic suction.
  • Simulate the natural ecological environment, and increase the filtering function which will make the aquarium cleaner and be conducive to the growth of fish.
  • Suitable for sea and freshwater appliances.


MODEL LP-8900 LP-8900
WATT 25W 40W
F.MAX 2113Gal/H 3963Gal/H
VOLTAGE 110-120V 110-120V
DECIBEL 28-30Db 28-30Db
FISH TANK CAPACITY 369.8-422.7Gal 686.9-739.7Gal


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