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External Hang On Aquarium Filter 6W

External Hang On Aquarium Filter 6W

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Download External Hang On Aquarium Filter 6W User Manual

Our top-of-the-line external filter provides efficient filtration for aquariums. With a multi-stage filtration system, it removes impurities and harmful substances, creating a clean and healthy environment.
The adjustable flow control and silent operation offer personalized water flow and a peaceful experience. It is easy to install, with included brackets and hooks.
Choose our external filter for outstanding filtration and crystal-clear water quality, and create a thriving aquatic ecosystem.


  • High-efficiency filtration, good sealing, low noise operation.
  • No water protection, prevent dry burning design.
  • Four outlet modes - rain mode, aeration mode, multi-directional reverse flow mode large flow cycle mode, can meet the needs of a variety of scenarios.
  • The water flow is adjustable, the length of the water inlet pipe can be telescopic, and run at a low water level.
  • Multi-layer filter box design, filter materials can be added freely according to user needs.
  • With the oil absorption function, the oil film treatment effect is better.


MODEL LP-8008 LP-8008
F.MAX 132Gal/H 185Gal/H
VOLTAGE 110-120V 110-120V
DECIBEL 28-30Db 28-30Db
FISH TANK CAPACITY ≤15.75in 11.81-23.62in


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