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Submersible Water Pump 105W

Submersible Water Pump 105W

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Download Submersible Water Pump 105W User Manual

A submersible pump is a pump that operates underwater and is commonly used in aquariums, ponds, and water features.
The bottom suction submersible pump is specifically designed to draw water from the bottom of a container or body of water. It is known for its efficiency, reliability, and energy-saving features, effectively circulating and filtering water to keep it clean and stable.


  • Completely submersible motor.
  • Low noise, safe and reliable.
  • Suction cups to fit any aquarium.
  • Long lasting wear-proof ceramic shaft.
  • Suitable for fresh and seawater appliances.


MODEL LP-B3300 LP-B4200 LP-B5000 LP-B6000
WATT 60W 85W 105W 125W
H.MAX 9.84Ft 13.12Ft 14.76Ft 16.4Ft
F.MAX 740Gal/H 872Gal/H 1005Gal/H 1110Gal/H
VOLTAGE 110-120V 110-120V 110-120V 110-120V
DECIBEL 28-30Db 28-30Db 28-30Db 28-30Db
FISH TANK CAPACITY ≤31.5in ≤39.37in ≤47.24in ≤59.06in
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